Peter Facinelli odgovarja na vprašanja oboževalcev

In Film, Twilight on 26/02/2008 by Mateja

Peter Facinelli, ki v filmu Twilight igra Dr. Carlisla Cullena, je na svojem MySpace blogu odgovoril na nekaj vprašanj oboževalcev.

Q – Can I ask if you have read all three books?

A – Yes, I have read all three books. I read one each day. They are such quick reads, and I could not them put them down.

Q – One of my favorite Carlisle moments is the beginning of New Moon when he stitches up Bella. His comments just sum up who he is and what he is about. What is your favorite scene?

A- I would have to agree that the scene where he is stitching Bella up in New Moon is a very powerful and informative scene, and one of my favorites as well.

Q – Does it feel weird to play the father figure when you aren’t that much older then the other characters?

A – It is a little wierd playing the father of people who I am not that much older than, but having children myself, and being a father where none of the other “adopted children’ do not have children helps me understand Carlisle, and helps me establish myself as paternal figure within the cast. A few of them have even started calling me “dad”, which I find amusing.

Q – How do you like Portland?

A – Portland is great. I actually shot the first film I ever did here called FOXFIRE, which starred Angelina Jolie, in one of her first film debuts. So it’s kind of like going full circle for me to be here again so many years later.

Thanks again to Twilight Moms for all the amazing support on the film. I hope you enjoy it as much as the book.



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