Twilight movie: Charlie Swan

In Film, Twilight on 26/02/2008 by Mateja

Billy Burke je potrdil, da bo v filmu Twilight igral Bellinega očeta.

Billy Burke

“I started off my career being the bad boyfriend running around with the gun, and now I’m officially old enough to play a 17-year-old’s father,” observes Billy Burke, recently seen in the thriller “Untraceable” — and now, just beginning work as Kristen Stewart’s pere in the adaptation of Stephenie Meyers’ young adult novel, “Twilight.” “It’s about a young girl who comes to live with her dad and falls for a vampire — sort of a vampire Romeo and Juliet.” At the helm is Catherine Hardwicke, “one of my favorite up-and-coming directors — who did ‘Thirteen’ and ‘Lords of Dogtown.'”



5 komentarjev to “Twilight movie: Charlie Swan”

  1. OMG!!!! wut were they thinking when the cast him as Charlie!!!! i pictured him WAAAYYYY different they did such a good job with the cullens and bella in casting WUT WENT WRONG!!!!!

  2. HE’S CHARLIE????!!! Cast that guy as Carlile, he’s WAY too much of a hunk to be Bella’s father!

  3. definetly way too cute to be charlies dad, closer to carisle than anything. wow. bad job..

  4. OMG i didnt know he was in the movie

  5. i alwas pictured charlie as a fat guy

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