Twilight movie: Sam Uley

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23-letni Solomon Trimble je po srečnem naključju prišel do vloge Sama Uleya v filmu Twilight (Somrak).

Solomon je pred približno štirimi tedni na avdicijo (za Jacoba Blacka?) pospremil svojega 16-letnega brata. Med čakanjem pa so ga opazili in ga prepričali, da “prebere nekaj vrstic” za majhno vlogo v filmu. Tako je dobil vlogo 19-letnega Sama Uleya, ki kasneje postane vodja krdela volkodlakov.

Role in Twilight lets student shine

After an impromptu audition, Solomon Trimble lands a role in the upcoming feature film Twilight
By: Kyle Chown

Issue date: 3/5/08

From his participation in the American Indian Science and Engineering Society to finishing up his double major in mathematics and philosophy, Solomon Trimble has tried to remain very involved on campus.

In addition to his Portland State roles, Trimble, 23, recently acquired another kind of role–that of a feature film actor.

Trimble’s cinematic debut will be in the upcoming fantasy film Twilight in the role of Sam Uley, leader of a werewolf pack, originally featured in the bestselling book series by Stephenie Meyer.

Just four weeks ago, Trimble’s 16-year-old brother, Marcus, wanted to audition for a minor role in Twilight. Trimble escorted him to the audition, and while waiting for his brother to finish he was approached by the casting director, who thought Trimble was there to read for a part as well.

He said he wasn’t there to audition, but decided to try out anyway.

“I was there in support of my brother,” Trimble said. “I didn’t think anything more of it. I didn’t even know what the movie was about.”

After reading a few lines for a small part, Trimble said, the casting director told him that she wanted him in the movie.

“She told me afterwards that I would be in the film even if it killed her to find me a role,” he said. “They told me to go out and get myself an agent.”

Soon after, he said, he had signed a three-film contract with MTV Films (Summit!).

With the money Trimble makes from his involvement with the films, he said, he wants to pay off the mortgage on his mother’s house and his sister’s house.

Trimble said he loves being at Portland State and that he has fond memories of the campus stretching back to when he was 3 years old and used to practice traditional Native American dance with “The Bow and Arrow Culture Club” every Friday night in the Smith Memorial Student Union–in the space that Food For Thought now occupies.

“There used to be a lot of Native American artwork hanging from those walls,” Trimble recalled.

After graduating from Portland Community College in 2005, Trimble transferred to PSU, where he will graduate from this spring. Trimble originally hoped to put money he had been saving toward a plane ticket to Europe, but after he got the film role his plans changed.

“It’s not exactly Europe, but I know that area of Washington very well, and I’m excited about my time there,” he said.

Twilight is currently in production around Oregon and Washington and is scheduled to hit theaters this December. Trimble’s character has only three to four lines. However, in the second and third films, New Moon and Eclipse, respectively, he said he would play a leading role.

“What’s nice is my character doesn’t die, so I get to stick around for the whole thing,” he said.

In April, Trimble will travel to Washington, where he will be on location for only two days shooting his lines. During the summer, Trimble said, he plans to spend his time in South Dakota, learning the native language of the Lakota Tribe. Trimble is one-quarter Lakota and one-half Apache, but he doesn’t speak either of those languages.

“This will be a great chance for me to learn proper dialect while also reconnecting with a part of my heritage,” he said.

Even with his recent film role, Trimble said, he will continue to call Portland his home.

“This is all so surreal for me right now,” Trimble said. “I never expected or wanted to be a famous actor. I can’t leave Portland. I love it here. I’m not the Los Angeles type.”


Update: Solomon Trimble je Twilight Lexiconu posredoval tri slike.


15 komentarjev to “Twilight movie: Sam Uley”

  1. I think he is alright for the part. He doesnt look like I imagined but I think he does look good for the part.

  2. noooooo way. so not a sam. im so p.o.d rite nw im having trouble typing… X[

  3. That guy is so nice…we go to the same college. And I think he looks like a good sam =)

  4. wow he is hot!!! now he should have been picked to Jacob. But while i read the book i imagined him differently.

  5. This is almost exactly how i imagined Sam Uley. its almost impossible how right they have the characters for Twilight. Any haters, get over it, there picked now, live with it, they all suit it anyways. Love x

  6. He is very attractive in that John Trudell sort of way;) I’m looking forward to seeing his acting skills!

  7. A twilight fanatic here. I have not read the book, but since the movie is out. Imma watch it and hopefully blog about it sometime.. No spoilers though, but a sweet teaser will do. 🙂

    cheers, Twilight Fanatic

  8. How can you not like him as Sam! They couldn’t have picked a better guy to play Sam!

    And I love how people complain about actors who got roles. It’s not like it’s going to change anything. XD Get over it.

  9. OH MY GOD! THAT GUY IS SO FRIKIN UGLY!!!!! he is short, and he is supposee to have short hair!!! HE IS TRYING TO BE SEXY, BUT LOOKS SO UGLY IM COULD PUKE!

  10. This guy is Sam? Wow!

    I hope Taylor can get big enough in time for New Moon!
    It comes out on my birthday so I’m SUPER excited about that.

  11. good for him for landing the role! Nice job too on his education, im sure he makes his whole family proud.

  12. I think he is the perfect sam , and he is hot!!!!!

  13. ummm, Can I just say EW!
    this guy is so gross… I feel bad for the girl who has to play emily!

  14. He’s noot exactly how i pictured him but I think he could do a good job!! Is he in Twilight or New Moon cause I dont remember him in Twilight!

  15. Do you tweet and have a twitter account so I can follow you?

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