Tretji intervju z Justinom Chonom

In Film, Twilight on 13/03/2008 by Mateja

Na so objavili še en intervju z igralcem Justinom Chonom (Eric Yorkie).

TM: If you could pick a song for your character for the soundtrack which one would you pick?

Justin: I would say my characters song would be Sugarcult’s bouncing off the walls again

TM: I have recently read that you prefer film over TV and stage acting…if you could take the place of a fellow actor or recreate the film, is there a role that you would consider to be your “DREAM ROLE?” What is it?

Justin: Haha…I think there are some limitations to that being that I’m Asian…but I would say I would love to play Johnny Depps character in Charlie the Chocolate Factory.

TM: What, if you have one, is your favorite book of all time? Favorite Movie?

Justin: hey thanks for having me…I would say I love Calvin and Hobbes…but I also love Catcher in the Rye….and the Celestine Prophecies. My favorite movie is Perfect World with Kevin Costner

TM: Has you mom visited TwilightMOMS yet? She needs to come and play with all the moms!

Justin: haha…I’ll tell her to visit

TM: In Crossing Over, you played a very different role from any of the ones you have done before. How long did it take for you to feel comfortable in that role?

Also, in Crossing Over you had a love scene! Was this difficult to film, or is it just like any other day on set?

Justin: It took me about 3 months to really feel comfortable. and the sex scene was totally awkward with all those lights shining on my butt

TM: What inspired you to become an actor? Who are your hero’s?

Justin: I didn’t want to work in an office so I became an actor instead. My heroes are my mom and dad.

TM: Has your character been meshed with Ben from the books?

Justin: Ummm….I think my character has been meshed with Ben….but not really. I hope that’s not too ambiguous.

TM: What’s something that you’ve learned about yourself from playing this character?

Justin: I’ve learned it’s not that hard to be in a good mood.

TM: In what ways has your life changed after being associated with the Twilight movie?

Justin: I have a lot more MySpace friends now…haha.

TM: Regarding being Asian, my sister is Korean, and an aspiring actress. Do you have any advice for her, or any other Asian actors who are trying to get into the business?

Justin: yes…I would tell her to really study hard and take acting serious…being Korean you better be 5 times better than everyone else.

TM: So what do you think of us “older” fans? Is it weird?

Justin: no, I think it’s great…I wish my mom was as cool as you guys

TM: How do you feel about Twilight’s version of vampires compared to the traditional take on vampires? How do you think Twilight vampires will come across on the big screen?

Justin: I think it’s awesome that they are actually magnificent in the sun instead of the old drab nightcrawler vampires. I think they will be awesome.

TM: If you could be doing anything else, besides being on set making this film, what would it be?

Justin: I would say surfing in San Clement California

TM: Do you feel like taking on a character for a film changes who you are as a person in the real world?

Justin: Sometimes it does bleed into my regular life. But I try to make an effort to leave the character on set once the film is done

TM: How do you deal with being one of the boys in the line for Bella?
Have you read the books, if so, which was the hardest for you to read?

Justin: I like it… I wish she would give me the time of day. I would have to say the 2nd book was hardest for me to read.

TM: What’s YOUR favorite Nicktoon and show (other than yours)? Those of us with kids, have definite faves!

Justin: I have to say I like Drake and Josh.

TM: You have mentioned that the Vampire myths intrigue you. What is it about Vampire myths that you find most interesting?

Justin: The fact that they can live forever really interests me.

TM: If you could act alongside any actor living or dead, who would that be and why?

Justin: I would have to say I would love to act with Johnny Depp.

TM: Does Eric really believe that he has a chance with Bella?

Justin: I would like to think so…in his world

TM: Justin in real-life do you think you are more like a Eric or a Mike?

Justin: ha-ha…I would say inside I feel like Eric a lot of times.

TM: If you could play another character in Twilight, who would you like to be?

Justin: I would love to be Emmett…because he’s badass.

TM: What do you like about your character, Eric Yorkie?

Justin: I really love the fact that he tries to get along with everyone and he’s a mover and a shaker…

TM: Have you read any or all of the Twilight books?

Justin: I have read all the books.

TM: What is the biggest challenge in portraying Eric?

Justin: I would have to say trying to being a diplomat and trying to get along with everyone is sometimes tough.

TM: I heard you own two shoe stores?!?!? Do you have a favorite pair, or favorite brand? What kind of shoes does Eric wear vs. the kind you wear?

Justin: I love wearing converse. I think Eric’s shoes are a lot more boring.

TM: In what ways? (in reference to Justin saying he was more like Eric than Mike)

Justin: I think it try to hit on girls sometimes…and it doesn’t work to well…ha-ha.

TM: Have you heard any of the music for the movie yet? If so, any opinion of it? What kind of music do you listen to?

Justin: I haven’t heard the music yet…I’ve really been into girl artists these days…Meg and Dia and Sara Bareilles.

TM: Are you going to be at the Nick kids choice awards?

Justin: I’m not sure yet…but I hope I can go.

TM: Because you are a “people pleaser” I just have to ask…When making this film who is it that you are trying to please most? Why?

Justin: haha…I would have to say the director.

TM: What artist(s) are on your Ipod that your fans would be surprised to find out you listen to?

Justin: ummm…I love old school gangster rap.

TM: Eric is the first person at school to try and be friends with Bella. Why do you think he did this?

Justin: I feel he wants to be in with the new girl and make an ally…plus being so beautiful he would try to have a first crack at her.

TM: Okay I have to know what is your favorite Sarah Bareilles song? I love her and listen to her daily!!! Gravity is my favorite!

Justin: I would have to say the song on my MySpace page.

TM: I just have to know, like who? I too like old school rap.

Justin: old school warren g, snoop dog, dr dre. the chronic album

TM: I went through and Eminem phase… and Snoop Dog…and Coolio…and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, if you count that as rap.

Justin: ha-ha…yeah I love nwa and coolio…the gansta pradise song was awesome.

alright momas thanks so much for having me….I will definitely be back…I’m going to go eat some dinner now….until next time.

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