Twilight: Poročila s snemanja in srečanja z igralci

In Film, Twilight on 25/03/2008 by Mateja

Snemanje filma Twilight na Kalama High School se zaključuje. Obiskovalci prizorišča snemanja pa pridno pišejo poročila.

1. poročilo (vir Twilight Lexicon):

I was fortunate enough today to see him in person, up close. My friend and I went to Kalama hoping to see any of the cast during filming today. We got to the school early this morning and were told they were doing indoor filming all day today. We were naturally disappointed but decided to stick around for a while. We were given permission by the school to see if we could find anything fun happening outside. For three hours we sat outside, in the cold and damp, watching endless take after take of some of the kids being used as extras and their coming and goings outside the school. I was getting bored and wanted to leave but my friend insisted on waiting a while longer.

In the meantime another group of fans showed up….a couple moms and their daughters and friends. We were talking to them when my friend pointed out a young man walking away from us. It was Robert!!!! He was taking a break from the filming of something they were taping in the weight room…possibly the hospital scenes. At least that’s what we were told.

After a few minutes he came back up towards us and the other group with us asked him if they could take his picture. He was shy, sweet, adorable and most accommodating to them. My friend and I were about 10 feet away, trying not to crowd him. He is absolutely gorgeous ladies!!! He spoke to them, in an American accent, for a few minutes and then went back to where he was filming.

I have to say it was more exciting to see him then I expected. I have a son older than he is, but when he walked past us I sighed like all of you young ladies would have. For all of you who doubted if he was right for this part, I have to say that without a doubt he’s going to be magnificent. He was such a gentlemen to the young girls around him. His mom would have been proud. I have pictures and will try to figure out how to post them for you. It was certainly a day to remember and worth the wait…….:)

Also, in other news, one of our members has been picked up as an extra in the upcoming biology scene. Although she is not going to be allowed to take pictures, she has promised to let us know what it’s like shooting as an extra in the biology scene to the extent that her agreement with Summit permits. We’ll get some goodies, but not anything that will spoil the film.

2. poročilo (vir Twilight Lexicon):

The excitement is winding down at Kalama High School. The crews are busy teching out. You know a movie shoot is over when people start picking up their stunt shrubbery and loading it onto trucks. Filming is now moving to new locations. We are fortunate enough to have an extra who will share her experience (to the degree allowed by her Summit contract) without spoiling the experience that is all heading to us on December 12th.

So in one last homage to the amazing Kalama shoot, we thought we’d post one last Lexiconer encounter. Thanks to Mae for sharing.

So today was the last day of filming at Kalama … and my sister and I were not about to let that go to waste. Ironically enough, we were in the area (Seattle) and my older sister was willing enough to drive us, despite the fact she’s never read the books (that will soon change!). Ain’t she great?

So we left around 10 am and arrived around 12 pm. The whole way there I had major butterflies in my stomach. When I saw that “Kalama” sign, I knew THIS WAS IT.

Kalama. What a tiny, tiny, tiny town! It’s literally two blocks long and everyone knows everyone. The high school is an elementary and middle school as well. Yes, it’s true. All the kids in the town go to the same school! Coming from a large city (Vancouver, Canada) I found that surprising and different. So we arrived there and got awesome parking! We saw that there were some Twilight fans there too and we all came together immediately. Apparently we JUST missed Robert and that REALLY bummed my sister and I out. But we didn’t loose hope. We talked to Peter, an extra on the movie. He tried out for Sam, but didn’t get it. Then we met Jeff who worked on DVD features.

We watched the crew film some shots that included some extras. That was really cool. Me and my sister were all paranoid that the security guards would be all anal, but seriously … I’ve never met so many chill professionals ever! They were there, talking to us and what not. It was a good surprise.

So we were all sitting by a log, just hanging and talking when I noticed a pale, glowing thing in the corner of my eye. I turned and there he was. Robert Pattinson. My heart literally stop and I went all bug eyed. Then finally, when my brain finally connected with the rest of my body, I grabbed my sister and just blurbed “Rob! Robert! Edward. He’s right here. Robert. Edward is there. That’s Rob!” and she was like “Whaaat!?”. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy, because everyone’s angle had the trailers covering him. Then when he was heading inside everyone was like “Oh!! It is him!”. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

So, the waiting was fun. It was unusually sunny and warm. I wasn’t complaining though. We didn’t eat breakfast so we decided to go get some lunch with the other Twi-Hards there. Me and my sister were certain we weren’t hungry, but once we took one bite of our Subway sub … we realized how hungry we were! Then we headed back to the set.

Now this is when the magic happened.

We waited for quite awhile when Robert graced us with his presence. My other sister was the one who noticed him … and she knows NOTHING about this! So again, my heart acted in a way I’m pretty sure isn’t normal. So after taking about 10 pictures of him, it was time to wait once again. Then … he came out again. This time he was walking this way.

He looked at me and I waved. He the smiled and I asked “Hi! Can we take a picture with you?” And he was like “Sure” in his lovely British accent. Ladies, he looked AMAZING with his pale skin, auburn hair, liquid topaz eyes and plumped red lips. I always knew he’d make an amazing Edward, so this encounter just sealed the deal. For all those who doubted or are doubting him … cast your worries aside. You have a young man, whose gorgeous, has a very sweet, subtle personality and not to mention … he has class. Edward’s portrayal is in good hands.

Oh! And might I add … when my sister and I took a picture with him, he did the Edward smirk and he NAILED in. I know he did that on purpose 😉 How am I still breathing? I have no idea.

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