Twilight movie: Billy Black

In Film, Twilight on 28/03/2008 by Mateja

Twilight Lexicon poroča, da bo Jacobovega očeta, Billya Blacka v filmu Twilight igral Gil Birmingham.

S tem pa lahko zaključimo, da je zadnja neznanka o igralski zasedbi v tem filmu razkrita.

8 komentarjev to “Twilight movie: Billy Black”

  1. This guy is perfect!! i cant imagine anyone else to play the role now that i have seen him! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  2. Dude you freaking rock the legend you toldin the 3 book well havent yet but you will well its freaking awseome

  3. i actually pictured someonelse you know like someone with like alot of wrinkles and someone on the chunky side with long hair that is graying and is the color of salt and pepper. You know not an ugly or unattractive person just someone who was aged not yuong looking

  4. I agree with Samoan, I pictured someone a little more old and grumpy looking too… But ya never know with the makeup & stuff, they could make it better…

  5. ur not fit to play billy just saying and you have a huge nose so get your nose cut off and then you can play Billy because you would be fit to be in a wheel chair like billy is or go and get in a car accindent so you will have to be in a wheel chair because your so ugly.

  6. i agree with lauren that you have a huge nose and need to get it cut off!

  7. well i think you’re a good choice for billy.
    i’m happy that you’re actually native. i dunno is “jacob” in the movie is.
    but i kinda pictured Graham Greene playing billy. but oh well.

  8. OMG twilight lover rihgt here im in love wiht edward cullen the super hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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