Twilight The Movie

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It’s out! YAY!


But not here in Slovenia (EU). We know for sure that it won’t come to our cinemas before January 2009.

We have two big multi-kinos (cinema centers). The first company has no idea when the movie comes to their theaters and the second one mentioned February 12th. But nothing is certain.

Yeah, I live in the middle of nowhere.

I feel Slovenia.


5 komentarjev to “Twilight The Movie”

  1. OMG TWILIGHT IS THE BEST MOVIE!!! At first when i see everyone @ school reading it i thought it was stupid…. but then my mom read Twilight and said it was the BEST BOOK SHE HAD EVER READ!!! and so i read it and i LOVED it….. and i seen the movie 7 times=)

    stephine myer you are a GREAT author!!!

  2. hey!twilight is the best film that i ever seen

  3. I love edward

  4. I ‘ve watched the movie everyday since 3 saturdays ago i kno ehh im obsesed i even have a shirt and the twilight saga if you kno that another Twilight collections cummin out email me!!!
    well tell me on youtube my accounts Kinger262

    peas out lol what a fag i am


  5. hes my hottie 😀 😛 (L) 🙂 😐 😀

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